As it stands, Russia is one of the largest hubs of human trafficking and has some of the weakest laws fighting against it. In fact, the Global Slavery Index states that about 794,000 victims survive in the former U.S.S.R. Even so, many organizations are stepping up to eliminate human trafficking in Russia while Russia’s federal government is failing to act.

The Situation

The United States Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) 2020 lists Russia alongside Iran and China as a Tier 3 country because it does not meet the minimum standards in the fight against the criminal industry. Since 2003, the Russian Parliament…

As the crises in Lebanon continue to mount, organizations are stepping in to mitigate the chaos.

According to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), extreme poverty shot up 15 percent from 2019 with now 55 percent of the population struggling to pay for basic life essentials.

Recent financial mishandlings, wealth disparity, a refugee crisis in Syria, a COVID shutdown, and a massive explosion in Beirut piled up on Lebanon’s people in quick succession. International non-profits from around the world are now responding to help alleviate the crisis.

World Food Programme –

The World Food Programme (WFP), a branch of…

Schnoz. Snoot. Proboscis. The holes you breathe out of that aren’t your mouth. No matter what way you feel like calling it, they’re unmistakably the funniest thing on a living thing’s face. After spending hours upon hours of quarantine time researching random animal facts, it turns out a few nasal cavities outshine the rest in terms of pure ridiculousness.

Blob Fish

This sad boy became an internet sensation a few years back due to his pathetic, downtrodden look. The fish, typically under twelve inches in length, lives at the bottom of ocean floors near Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. It’s body is…

From Wikipedia

Gaming has been one of the hobbies keeping my anxious mind occupied while under the numerous threats of 2020. With video games, I can temporarily escape the coronavirus, wildfires, murder hornets, and… the election. Much of the summer was spent playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Nintendo Switch. Originally brought into the fandom with Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS, I was excited to experience all the strategy plays and goofy character interactions I came to love. But considering how Three Houses came out a year ago, and with it’s DLC content released months ago, I felt it appropriate…

The December debate turned out to be one of the most engaging events in the primary season this year. This pretty much applies to just the second half of the debate, as the first half was incredibly uneventful. Each of the candidates must have been told during the break. “Listen, you need to go out there and start punching!” It certainly worked, and some surprising things took shape.

Even then, let’s all stop to remember the dumbest question ever posed, “who would you give a gift to, and who would you ask for forgiveness?” …

Credit to CBO

2019’s Knives Out is a murder-mystery whirlwind of a movie, written and directed by Rian Johnson ( The Last Jedi, Looper). Inspired by the many works of Agatha Christie, Johnson sought to create his own whodunnit story… in his own special Rian Johnson-y way. Namely, by throwing convention and expectations out the window in favor of subversive self-reflection and satire.

This strategy doesn’t always lead to universal applause.

As you may recall with 2017’s The Last Jedi, Johnson employed this to the Star Wars franchise. He turned Luke Skywalker into a grumpy recluse who still hasn’t triumphed over his own…

Director Taika Waititi has established himself in recent years as one of the film industry’s greatest comedy filmmakers. Not that there is much competition these days; he joins a peculiarly small list of successful modern comedy directors. This includes the likes of Edgar Wright, Adam McKay, and Judd Apatow. Perhaps there are a few more to mention, but it seems to me like we should admit something about the film genre nowadays. There isn’t much going on!

It wasn’t even that long ago that audiences were flocking to the theater for profanity-laden movies about screw-ups that finally begin to grow…

Credit to Phil Roeder

It’s time for another Democratic Debate, and I’m already feeling the dread sinking in again.

A month ago, the third debate caused a lot of controversy due to its strict yet vague requirements that narrowed the crowd of candidates down to ten.

Certain candidates, like Representative Tulsi Gabbard, were kept out of the debate. Meanwhile, politicians with less rabid support, like Senator Amy Klobuchar, were invited to take the stage with the likes of Bernie Sanders. This time, Tulsi and billionaire Tom Steyer made the cut by earning 2% in four “qualifying polls”.

At first, I was delighted. I thought…

Hi, it’s me again. Took a long time to get back into writing here, but, as many of you understand, life has a way of drifting you into other paths.

Towards the end of March/start of April, I took a flight back to New York City.

Get ready: things are about to get personal.

Well, I was originally in NYC in 2018, but then I figured I should go on my Israel Birthright trip. That turned out to be set for last August, the exact month my lease was up. …

I had high hopes for Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke in 2018. I thought he was a progressive going up against Senator Ted Cruz, one of the most unlikeable politicians in the country. Beto was advocating for an end to money in politics and Medicare-for-all. I was encouraged by his interview with The Young Turks. He started gaining traction, receiving plenty of small dollar donors. I was happy to see that viral video of him defending NFL players that protest police brutality. Then, something happened last summer. He began backtracking on healthcare. He broke a pledge to not take oil money…

Zachary Sherry

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